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Registration on WEvaha.com is very simple! In a simple and smooth procedure, you can become a member of WEvaha.com and post your profile. All you need to do is, fill out the required information in the basic registration page available in the home page. After filling these basic details you will be guided to a detailed registration page.
After completing the detailed registration form you will be guided to a detailed questionnaire where your partner qualities can be filled, enabling you to choose the right partner.

What information can be viewed by other members from my profile? All the registered users will be able t view the complete details apart from the contact information. The contact information can be viewed only after mutual acceptance.
No, once your Email is registered with WEvaha the same ID can never be used for another registration.
Then there are a set of Methodical Questions to be answered.
These questions are related to your partner.
These questions need to be answered accurately because then only your like-minded or well-suited match can be found.
Once these questions are filled out we will match you with who-ever-suites-you the best.
Once the registered user makes the payment his/her profile is activated. Once the payment period is completed the profile gets deactivated. The user also can deactivate the profile once their marriage is confirmed
Individual user- Individual user can log in by entering his/her Email ID and password.
After clicking the “Forgot password” option a new dialog box will open where you need to enter your Mail ID, then you will receive the reset password details to your mail ID.
You can upload your photo after successful completion of your registration. A maximum of 10 photographs can be uploaded.
WEvaha offers 4 types of Packages, they are
1 Month Package
3 Month's Package
6 Month's Package
12 Month's Package'
WEvaha have different modes of payment methods like Paypal, PayU, Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking facilities.
1) My Profile
2) Upload Profile Picture , Cover Photo and other Photos
3) Search Profiles – Basic and Advanced Search
4) Best Liked Profiles
5) Who Viewed Me
6) My Messages
Express interest : is a feature through which you can express your interests in the profiles you like. You can Express Interest in a member by clicking on to that option while viewing the profile.

Best Liked: It is marked for the profiles which can be decided at a later date, not ignored completely but for future reference. Such a profile can later be expressed interest too
No, Your contact information will not be revealed. Through express interest feature you can select a profile and unless the other person also selects you the contact information will not be viewed.
Members can send any queries or doubts to Info@WEvaha.com and get immediate responses to the questions.
There is a dashboard where in you can type message and send to the particular person in whom you are interested. Individual users will get the messages in their WEvaha inbox

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